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Ceremony: Must Have Wedding Photos for your Album

Must Have Wedding Photos

Every bride and groom dreams of their wedding and capturing those memories in pictures is an important part of your special day. You may have some ideas of what you would like to see in your wedding album – the mug shot line up of the bridal party, the ring exchange or the first kiss.
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Wedding Party: How to be the Worst Best Man, Ever

worst Best Man Ever

Most articles you read are all about how to be the best at something; the most gracious hostess or host, the best dressed, the most supportive maid of honor or best man. Reading those articles can get boring after awhile so I’ve decided to write a series of articles about how to be the absolute
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Wedding Party: 7 Things You Should Know As a Maid-of-Honor

Maid of Honor Tips

Through meltdowns, laughter, anticipation, and tears of happiness, it is your job to play the role of advisor, party planner, referee, and friend as the maid-of-honor (MOH). To make sure you are prepared for everything that being a maid-of-honor calls for, we’ve create a list of important things you should know in this involved role:
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Advice: 6 Ways to be the Worst Future Mother in Law, Ever

Worst Mother in Law

Most articles you read are all about how to be the best at something; the most gracious hostess/host, the best dressed, the most supportive bridesmaid/groomsman. That can get boring after awhile, so, I’ve decided to write a series of articles about how to be the absolute worst at something with the hope that you will
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The Groom: The Humble Bow tie

humble bowtie

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, men dressed up like penguins in a tux and bow tie for their weddings. Well, you aren’t your grandfather, or even your father – so why be so stuffy with your bow tie?  If you are a casual fellow who enjoys the simple things in
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Advice: The 411 on Prenups

411 Prenup

Prenup is a word that many people who are engaged are uneasy to hear about and discuss with their partners. This is due to many reasons, but the most common is because they feel offended that their partner is considering  the possibility of a failing marriage down the road. The truth is that while it
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Advice: The Second Time Around

Getting married a second time

When a bride is getting married for the second time, there is an endless list of things to consider before and after walking down the aisle. Here is a list of some of the most important items to think about before taking the plunge: ENGAGEMENT Who should I tell first? If you have children from
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Battle of the Ties: Bow Tie vs. Tie

Battle of Ties

After deciding whether to wear a tuxedo or a suit, grooms need to make the tough decision between a bow tie and a tie. While this may be an easy decision for some, others need clarification on the pairings and guidance. Bow Tie Bow ties are most classically known to grace the tuxedos of Hollywood
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The Wedding Day: Tuxedo or Suit

Tuxedo or Suit

When it comes to your big day, you’re sure that every little detail is taken care of to ensure your dream dress is perfect and ready to go down the aisle; but what about your husband to be? Does he need any help deciding on a wardrobe? Since traditionally, men have to make a decision
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