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Honeymoon: By Keeping Wedding Costs Down

An Exotic All-Inclusive Honeymoon Package Becomes Even More Affordable It has become increasingly more common for young couples to plan exotic honeymoon trips to far away locations once they have tied the knot. One way to afford such trips is to keep the actual wedding itself simple, inexpensive and small. Some brides-to-be select Affordable Wedding
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Stationery: Create Your Own Traditions

Do-It-Yourself Style The do-it-yourself trend has become increasingly more popular in numerous areas of life partly due to the desire to save money and partly due to an individual’s desire to exercise their own creativity. If you find yourself in either category (or both) with an upcoming wedding in the works, performing many of the
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Stationery: Beginning The Wedding Process

Celebrating The Engagement Not all couples choose to have an engagement party yet there are compelling reasons why having one can be helpful, celebratory and fun. If you have been considering an engagement party but aren’t sure it’s right for you, the following discussion might tip your thinking. They don’t have to cost a lot,
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