Wedding Trend Watch 2012 – Color Palettes

Color trends always vary pretty wildly. Bold is key in the coming year. It isn’t a time for shy and demure color palettes. However, if that is a couple’s preference, they will still stand out for being different and classic this year! So most color combinations are a win win! Here are some popular colors and color combinations.
Popular Summer Colors- Red, yellow, orange, coral, fuchsia, blue, sky blue, green, lime, lilac, lavender
Popular Fall Colors- Burgundy, dark green, navy blue, silver, gold, creams, burnt orange, taupe, brown and plum.
Popular Winter Colors- Red, silver, white, cream, burgundy, sky blue, navy blue, purple, plum and gold.
Popular Spring Colors- Pink, tangerine, lilac, periwinkle, hot pink, fuchsia, lime, yellow, cream, soft violet and white.
Colors for All Seasons- Diamond or tiffany blue, aqua blue, pistachio, honeysuckle, red, all shades of brown, black and white.
Great Pairings- Ready to go and gorgeous for 2012
· Diamond blue and coral
· Purple and gold
· Honeysuckle pink and orange
· Pea pod green and mocha
· Purples and greens
Ready to Use Palettes- Full palettes that are capturing the attention of brides
· Purple, teal blue, emerald green, and gold
· Pea pod green, blue, and mocha brown
· Gold, mauve, and blush pink
· Lavender and sky blue
· Red and blush pink
· Sky blue, light coral orange, and light yellow
· Warm gray and any pink or coral or blue or purple
· Rustic brown and pink
· Apple red (or hot pink) and black

Your wedding, your favorite colors are a great guideline for choosing a color palette! Get creative and use swatches and browse online for a realistic vision and gorgeous wedding color palette.