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Planning: Planning a Wedding with a Wedding Vendor

The big day is set and now you need some help pulling the whole thing together. Planning a wedding seems like it would be easy and myself I have been more than knees deep in mine. Hiring help can help you in your endeavor to succeed at your perfect idea of a wedding. There are
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Stationery: Wedding Stationery Components

Invitations today offer incredible flexibility for both wording and layout. The best way to find the perfect wording and layout is to browse the selection at The American Wedding Website. You can quickly and easily flip through a large selection, and there is typically a great amount of variety than you will find in traditional
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The Bride: A Shower to Remember

There is a popular trend these days to choose a theme for the bridal shower.  Here are a few options to consider, or be creative and come up with your own unique theme. Alphabet Shower: Each guest should bring a gift that starts with a letter that was assigned to that guest on the invitation. 
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