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Etiquette: Wedding Gaffes, Faux Pas, Mistakes & More

When you work with wedding etiquette day in and day out, trained in what is traditional and proper, you often get the biggest chuckle of all when attending weddings for your own friends and family members when you realize that something goes “wrong” at every wedding. We have compiled a small list of the top
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Wedding Invitation Etiquette: Children Not Invited

A wedding invitation is always a welcome site in the mailbox. However, if proper wedding invitation etiquette is not followed, problems can arise. When sending out wedding invitations, take extra care to not confuse or possibly insult your guests. Following proper wedding invitation etiquette and protocol is crucial to not giving anyone the wrong impression.
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Summer Wedding Flowers: Colorful Bouquets & Centerpieces

Blue or Purple Weddings There are some lovely summer flowers in the blue to purple range. If you have chosen a blue palette for your summer wedding, you might choose delphiniums, blue or lavender hydrangeas, asters, English lavender, purple iris, purple scabiosa, or Monte Casino asters. Purple laetris, gladiolas and stalks of English lavender can
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