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Stationery: Wedding Invitations Inner Envelopes

Did you ever wonder why there is such a thing? The tradition goes back to the days when invitations were delivered by hand. The wedding invitation was delivered to the invitee’s home, with the name and address on the outer envelope so it could be delivered with ease. Before the invitation ever made it to
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The Bride: Preserving Your Wedding Dress

Since your wedding dress will be one of the most important purchases for your wedding, you will want to protect that investment by having it professionally cleaned and prepared for storage. Whether your dress was informal, designer, off the rack or worn on the beach, there is more to storing it than placing it in
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Budget: How to Save Money on Your Wedding Reception

Using white as your background color for the reception will save you a lot of money. That way, you can incorporate your wedding colors as the “pop” factor. A simple, white covering with a broad band of fabric or ribbons down the center of each table is understated, but very elegant. Be sure to use
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