Monthly Archives: May 2011

Planning: Tips for Working With Wedding Vendors – Part 3

Be realistic Do your research before narrowing down your vendor choices. You want to know what things generally cost and how the vendors you are talking to rank in quality before you get into the specifics of your wedding contract. You can’t expect to spend 500 dollars for a professional photographer when local amateurs start
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Planning: Mimic Royal Wedding Tips – Part 2

If you have been having a hard time deciding on a gown style and were as enamored by the gown as most this may be the thing to steal. The gown was sleek and sophisticated with touches of personalization. Bridging the gap between modern and traditional, it’s what so many women ask for and have
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Planning: Mimic Royal Wedding Tips – Part 1

The media has been abuzz with all the talk on the royal wedding. People were counting down the hours to the event and watched with wonder from all over the globe. Some people were even going so far as to place bets on who the designer of the gown would be. While not everyone was
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