Monthly Archives: September 2010

Reception: Summer Wedding Favor Ideas

The idea of having a summer time wedding is very appealing; there are millions of different design options that are opened to you during this sunny season. With the changing of the décor and color palette the favor choices can be changed up a bit as well. So we thought we’d share some information on
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Cake: Wedding Cake – What to do at Reception

You’ve already chosen the cake so the hard part is done. With that said, we thought we would give you just a few helpful tips on what to do with that cake at the reception. That way when it’s time for the cake cutting ceremony you will definitely know what to do and when to
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Flowers: September Wedding Ideas

While September used to be the seventh month in the Roman calendar it is now the ninth month of the year. Being the ninth month of the year, for most of us it brings the start of autumn. September means back to the swing of things for a lot of us. While lazy days of
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