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Wedding Party: Duties of the Best Man – Part 2

The Wedding Day: Make sure the groom gets dressed and to the church on time. If there’s anything the groom needs, it is the best man’s job to get it for him. Make sure the groom has the marriage license with him. Make sure the ushers arrive on time and review their duties with them.
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Advice: Definition of a Groom

A groom is the guy, the second most important person in the wedding, and the love of the bride’s life. If you can bring yourself to terms with being these three things before and during your wedding, your big day as well as the rest of your marriage will go a lot smoother. You Be there
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Reception: Traditional Order of Events for the Reception

Hour 1: While the bride and groom, family and wedding party are having formal photographs taken, have waiters serve your guests cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. Hour 2: The wedding party is announced. Traditionally they are announced in the following order: groom’s parents, bride’s parents, flower girl and ring bearer, bridesmaids escorted by groomsmen, maid/ matron
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